3 reasons to choose Skylar

3 reasons to choose Skylar for your next active vacation.

Looking for a unique travel experience that combines tourism and fitness? Here are three reasons why Skylar is perfect for your next active getaway.

1. Go at your own pace!

You don’t need to be a seasoned athlete to take part in one of Skylar’s excursions. If you enjoy being active and challenging yourself, you’ve got what it takes to travel with us.

Participants train at their own pace during group classes. Can’t keep up with the spinning instructor? Move at a pace that’s right for you. Not quite flexible enough (yet) to match the yoga guru’s poses? No one will mind in the slightest if you try an easier pose instead.

Our goal is to create a friendly, motivating, and lively atmosphere free from pressure or competition. All negative judgment is forbidden at our escapades, so the only person you have to compete with is yourself!

2. Take a break from your everyday while staying in touch!

We’ve all been there—you get back from vacation and are instantly buried under a mountain of voicemails, emails, and texts. Skylar’s escapades are designed specifically for active adults so you avoid having to face double the work when you get back from your trip!

Electronic devices are allowed, and we make sure to select locations with Wi-Fi access. This way, you can Facetime with your kids, finalize that contract, or post a selfie on Instagram between activities.

Plus, when you choose one of our short trips, you’ll only be gone for a weekend, avoiding the logistical hassles of longer vacations. No need to stress out about who will water the plants or feed the cat, or whether your mother-in-law can take the kids for the week. It’s peace of mind, guaranteed!

3. Make the most of each destination!

Three days may not seem like enough time to take in a city’s culture, cuisine, and nightlife, but it’s not a problem on our action-packed adventures! We’ll take you on a tour of your destination’s finest sights so you can get a taste of everything the city has to offer. You’ll enjoy first-rate classes, restaurants, and bars.

With Skylar, your satisfaction is our top priority, which means there’s no need to deprive yourself at mealtimes. Visit the leading private studios and work out with renowned trainers, then enjoy great food and wine, guilt-free. Bottoms up!

Think Skylar’s right for you? Book your first adventure today.