Skylar offers a unique travel experience and the opportunity to meet people who share your passions. Participants will experience personal and physical growth, push their limits and learn new ways of training with a focus on wellbeing and rejuvenation.

Annie Touchette, founder

An avid traveller with a 25-year love affair with fitness and yoga, Annie was inspired to organize urban fitness vacations during a trip to New York in 2015.

While trying to maximize her own training experience across the city’s best studios, Annie came up with the idea of organizing urban boot camps. Small groups of friends could experience the best these big cities have to offer when it comes to fitness, culture and nightlife

Skylar – 3 things to remember:

• We make every effort to create a friendly, motivating and dynamic atmosphere, free from any pressure or comparison. Our goal is personal achievement; negative judgements are banned from our escapades!

• Our escapades are customized for adults with an active lifestyle! Electronic devices are permitted, and we select wi-fi accessible locations.

• Having fun is the ultimate goal; deprivation is not on the agenda. Visit the best private studios under the supervision of renowned trainers, then indulge in fine dining and good wine guilt free!

Skylar was the result, offering a new way to travel by creating unique, unforgettable experiences for epicureans who share Annie’s passion for physical activity and travel.

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