Why changing your workout routine

Why changing your workout routine is good for you.

Feeling pretty comfortable with your current workout routine? That probably means it’s time for a change. Here are three benefits to rethinking your exercise habits!

Work out your whole body!

When you focus on a single facet of your physique, you do so to the detriment of the rest of your body and increase the risk of injury. The key is to balance weight training and cardio to develop all your abilities—speed, flexibility, resistance, strength, and endurance. Because being in shape is more than just having great abs!

Don’t let your progress plateau!

Has your physical fitness progress hit a plateau? Is it getting harder to achieve the same results as before? Your body gets used to doing the same workout all the time. Challenge yourself by changing up your activities, weight loads, and reps—it’ll keep you moving toward the results you want!

Stay motivated!

Though it may have been comforting when you first started getting in shape, your exercise routine quickly got boring and repetitive. Before you become too discouraged, get out of your comfort zone and add something new to your routine—it’ll keep you excited about your workout!

Do you do a variety of physical activities? If yes, what do you do? If not, how do you plan to change it up?