Five unwritten rules for a successful organized tour

Five unwritten rules for a successful organized tour.

Taking your first organized tour? Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your experience!

1. Get out of your shell

The success of an organized tour depends largely on the atmosphere within the group. Create a friendly ambiance by getting to know your fellow travellers. You’ll enjoy your experience even more!

Since you all love travelling and being active, it should be easy to find things to talk about. Who knows? Maybe you’ll cultivate enriching friendships you’ll want to continue once you get home!

2. Enjoy your alone time

If you prefer to spend your next period of free time on your own, go for it! These moments of solitude will help you appreciate group activities and excursions even more. As they say, balance is key!

3. Beware of too much of a good thing

The group effect can often push us to surpass our limits. This is a great thing when it motivates you to go faster during spin class, but not so great when you’re persuaded to say yes to that ONE last drink that leaves you suffering the next day.

Ask yourself this question: can I really handle an extra glass of wine? If the answer is no, listen to your body. You’ll thank yourself in a few hours when you have no trouble getting up for that early morning yoga class!

4. Be flexible

We work tirelessly to make your trip memorable and to fix any unexpected issues that may pop up along the way. But despite our best efforts, booking mistakes can happen! Be open to schedule and activity changes and avoid unnecessary disappointment.

5. Remember that you’re not alone

It’s important to follow instructions during the trip to make sure each activity goes as planned. Keep in mind that if you don’t follow the instructions, you’re not the only one who’s affected. Showing up late to a meeting point will make the whole group late. Make sure to be on time!

You’re now ready for your next organized tour! Book your Skylar escapade today.