Let Skylar organize your next seminar with your employees/collaborators/business partners in NYC, Miami or Los Angeles. Complement your professional activities with urban fitness and general wellbeing discoveries.

Skylar fit corporatif

  • Three to five day trip to an urban setting: NYC, Miami, LA
  • Two group fitness activities /yoga/Pilates/boxing/spinning/running/cardio/HIIT in the morning and/or the end of the day
  • Accommodations reserved for the group
  • A variety of wellness seminars upon request
  • Afternoon business meetings
  • Conference room for the duration of the stay
  • Healthy lunch (brown bag or other, as selected)
  • Reservations at the best restaurants and the city’s hotspots

Benefits of a team build-up:

  1. Motivate employees/collaborators/partners/directors/executives
  2. Support team cohesion
  3. Develop physical abilities, endurance, strength and flexibility
  4. Personal achievement
  5. Encourage getting in shape and its benefits
  6. Promote discussion, bonding, mutual assistance, contribution to success, solidarity in the face of challenges, behaviour when dealing with challenges, development and open mindedness.

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